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How to roll that perfect joint? It's the age old question.

We are faced with a surprisingly similar question: how to get that perfect package? That's where we come in. Your friend at the party who just rolls the best joints. 


You have a product. Hell, you're a magical cannabis factory and your oompa loompas are amazing. But your delivery system? How you get your product into the right packages with the right labels all with a quality that matches what's inside? It could be better. Maybe even a lot better.

You've got enough on your plate without having to worry about bags and jars and labels, so come on, pass that joint. We'll create packaging that matters. Here, we'll show you.




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PET Containers & CleanFlake (TM) Technology in Cannabis Packaging

Up to 100 percent of a PET container can be made using recycled PET (rPET), with no limit to the number of times PET material can be reused in container applications. Pressure-sensitive labels typically limit PET recyclability into food-grade rPET due to adhesive contamination. However, using CleanFlake adhesive for labels, the caustic wash will break the cohesive bond allowing the label to separate cleanly, leaving no adhesive residue behind. Our lab testing methods are shown below.




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