Martedi Winery

"...for years, we (the Miglino brothers) would get together on the second Tuesday of each month to visit, eat pasta, drink wine, play cards, lie to each other, smoke cigars, discuss family and just spend time together. This grew to include our closest friends and any visiting relatives.  When it came time to form the winery, there was no other choice but to name it: Martedi -- the italian word for Tuesday…" - Joseph Miglino, Winemaker

The passion for winemaking runs deep in the Miglino family. Planting seeds from the original Miglino immigrants to Ellis Island and as far back as the ancestral village of Rutino in the Campagna region of southern Italy. They are the third generation of Miglino’s that has made wine in America but their ancestors in Rutino made wine for many generations.

If you're lucky enough to snag a bottle, cherish every drop.

CATEGORY: Wine and Spirits

PRINT METHOD: Flexography

MEDIUM: Paper, Pantones, and High Rub Varnishes

PACKAGING: Labels on Wine Bottles